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STOP CANCER! - 80% - the remaining percentage due to their karmic burden - must undergo it


STOP FRAUD! No more fraud in magic - we still have clients coming to us who have been robbed of everything they had, because of the guise of magic. I've had enough of this. So no one will provide any magical services to the public! Everything you have done wrong in this lifetime will be multiplied several times and it will still come back to you in this lifetime - expect it soon. If you have deliberately robbed your clients who trusted you with everything, you will deservedly suffer in sickness for the rest of your life. The triggering of progressive karma applies to those people: 1) who deliberately rob their clients with magic, 2) even unintentionally, those who just do the services wrong, it's their problem - their responsibility - you shouldn't stick your nose where it doesn't belong! All of you who provide magical services and harm clients by doing that, will have the progressive karma triggered and accelerated! And those of you who have any problem with that, feel free to confront each other publicly. I have forwarded conversations from your clients. And the nonsense, what you can write to your clients is outrageous. I'd love to discuss this LIVE with you in front of your clients, feel free to contact me. More about me at


www.worldwide-cancer-stop.co.uk | www.stop-cancer.co.uk | www.stop-human-trafficking.co.uk 



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